Monday, September 6

Miss Personality

Although it has been 12 months in the making, it's safe to say that Olivia's personality is clearly established. The conclusion: Charm City Daddy and I have created a monster.

With that said, we have officially entered one of my favorite ages/phases of development.

At this point the little girl has clear favorites and preferences.  I would say her two favorite things in this world (other than her mama, of course) are bananas "Nanna!" and her toothbrush.

The love affair with bananas started as a breakfast routine and now is an all day, everyday request. She gets supplemented with banana puffs, and gerber banana cookies, otherwise we would easily need a banana tree in our backyard to fulfill her 2 bunch a week habit. In fact, daddy ran to the store this morning to get more bananas b/c that damn warehouse mouse on Disney had a banana and that was all it took. "Nanna, nanna, nanna!"

Daddy also made the mistake of giving her ice cream today--and she threw a FIT when I had to physically remove her from the room (kicking and screaming) to keep her from begging for more (although I can't blame her it was sooo good).  We gave her some "Nanna" yogurt instead.

Other things she LOVES: sleep (a champion napper. a 3-hour and a 2-hour nap today, for example) the Eric Carle board books, specifically Brown Bear  and Head to Toe.  I must admit I was one of those skeptics about those books but I was all wrong. Many thanks to our friends who knew better than us. 

You can find her cheering herself on around the house, whether she is successfully putting her purse over her shoulder, closing doors, stacking rings, or sorting shape. You just hear a random "Yaaay" from a distant room and you know she figured something out. Here she is organizing daddy's shoes with her purse in tow.

Funny but true story, along with the delight of closing doors comes the danger of closing little fingers in doors. Last week Olivia closed her little fingers in her bedroom door as she was closing it, but managed to wedge her fingers out while crying wailing and still motioning a clap saying "yaaaaay" in full fledged tears. Funniest moment of the week by far.  And in this phase it's only getting better. 

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