Wednesday, December 8

Character Building

There is no doubt in my mind that the following picture will be used to humiliate and humble Olivia in the future---most likely at her wedding slide show as was the case for me. 

Olivia is just getting a good hair brushing by Charm City Grandma here, but my historic humility photo was my mama hot combing my hair at age 8--probably with this same expression on her face.

Also observe the face. When and where do children learn to use this sad face?
Cracks me up every time and I just mimic her and make it back. With the hat and all, my younger brother says O looks like Fat Albert's Mushmouth character in that photo.
Hilarious and I tend to agree. "Hey, hey, hey!"

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  1. Great reminder! This is what I have to look forward to! Uggh. The hot comb caused me many tears growing up!