Wednesday, December 8

Olivia's Night Out

Last night, our little family (along with Charm City Grandma and my little bro) attended a benefit for the  Carson Scholars Fund

Quick side note: CSF is one of our favorite charitable organizations that we support whenever we can, and Dr. Carson and his wife Candy (and their whole family for that matter) are the kindest, smartest, most inspirational people you will ever meet.

The event was a consignment sale  and fashion show for which Olivia made her modeling debut and I  made my maternity modeling debut. Olivia loved being the center of attention and stressing me out.

I wish I could say Olivia clearing her throat on stage for attention while other models were being featured was the highlight of the night, but it wasn't.What was the highlight? My mom's reaction to winning this coat for a $20 raffle ticket.
I wish we could have videotaped it. She was in disbelief that she actually won and made Dr. Carson repeat the raffle ticket numbers over and over again.

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