Wednesday, April 20

More than Twice the Work...

You may have noticed, that I haven't been around here much.  I log onto my Google Reader everyday but am still way behind on reading my favorite blogs too...about 535 posts behind to be exact, but I am slowly making a dent each day. Today I got the count down to 365 posts! Whoo hoo!

I am definitely taking my time and enjoying little baby Lucas this second time around in motherhood and maternity leave. Also balancing two kids is crazy and exhausting! Instead of feeling like twice the work it actually feels like 3-4 times the work. Olivia is talking more and more (now in sentences) and her energy level and entertainment needs are through the roof. She also has realized that she has the freedom to climb out of her twin bed--and travel to our room to wish us a "GOOD mornin'!" This morning we got our wake up visit at 5 a.m. Luckily, Daddy is in charge of cutting her off at the pass (if I hear the door squeak or catch her headed our way in the video monitor) and escorting her back to the bed. Olivia's been better lately, but during our first few nights with Lucas, I think she thought she was missing out on a party in our room with the new baby and bassinet. She loves him and accepted him as part of the family immediately. Now if we could just convince her that he can't fulfill her constant requests for "hi-fives?" just yet. haha.

Olivia is a wonderful big sister-- helpful and full of kisses.
Olivia has earned the new nickname "Tazmanian Devil" as she is a one-man, smiling, giggling, wrecking crew. Our first night in the hospital was a nice little preview of the MAYHEM that is our mornings (before the nanny arrives), evenings (after the nanny departs), and our weekends (when the nanny is off). We tried to have a nice family dinner with our new addition--just the four of us.  Lucas was easy--he was asleep. I just relaxed in my deluxe, comfy hospital bed eating and Daddy had to do all of the chasing, scolding, and "sit still" and "wait" and feeding, and cleaning up. By the end of the meal he was exhausted, frustrated, and proclaimed it the "worst meal ever!" All I could do was laugh. Charm City Daddy then decided to bail early b/c he had to get Olivia home and  in bed because he "couldn't take much more of this." He stayed home with her and I spent both of my nights in the hospital with just little Lucas in perfect silence, with room service, awesome nurses and techs, and premium cable television. PURE. BLISS.

But alas it all came to an end when Lucas and I arrived home from the hospital--on a Friday afternoon, which meant CCD and I would have to balance both kids over the weekend. Needless to say, after our first weekend with two kids we  couldn't be more excited to see a Monday morning! We now find ourselves living from "nanny time" to "nanny time."

Lucas on the other hand--is quite easy at this stage. Eat, sleep, poop in that order. He is staying more alert in his 3rd week and putting on weight like a champion boxer. I am enjoying dressing him up. Oh and despite what everyone says--I am here to say that BOYS ARE FUN TO DRESS UP TOO! We've been getting in some good laughs at his little outfits...particularly the white button up shirt.

Check him out in mommy's impromptu photo shoot on her bed. haha.

Stay tuned for more Lucas pics, updates and the birth story.

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