Saturday, July 9

Catchin' Up

There is so much to catch up on...too much. Let's see if I can do a quick wrap up in pictures...

"The cousins" came to town all at once from far and wide and Olivia was in H-E-A-V-E-N. It was also grandad's birthday so we surprised him when he returned home from a golf trip--which was fun for the kids--and the adults enjoyed the excitement of the children. Here's all the grans (all girls and my little boy)--minus 7-month old Camille.

Great grandma came to visit too. 

Olivia picked up new words, drinking out of  a cup (eating cereal with milk),  and tons of personality from her cousins--and a love of play-doh (keeps her occupied for HOURS).  For example this week, as I left for work she told me "Have a good day!" and when I asked her if she wanted to wash her face this morning she said, "um, no." When her daddy gives her a choice in breakfast waffles or french toast, she inhales with dramatic excitement.

Lucas finds his energetic sister very amusing. Especially in the bathtub since I have officially put them in the tub together which makes my bedtime routine SO much easier.  She most likely saying "Look at daddy's little man!" in this picture.

Lucas gave us some of his first belly laughs and proved that he is all boy. What amuses him? Shadow boxing. Fake blows to his face and chest--tickles him to pieces.

His neck control continues to be stellar--we don't really do tummy time with him, b/c he alway keeps his back and neck straight as a board. We joke that he needs to relax and bend at the waist. He's too proper. He lost some hair on the sides, and while I was worried about how it would look at first--now I think it's cute and looks kinda like a marine haircut, "high and tight."

We are weaning the nursing now--as pumping at work is not getting any more convenient and the milk supply is going strong. I have to be careful, however. Sometimes I find myself rushing Lucas' milestones along (like his sleep schedule) for my own convenience. Like when I cleaned the basement last week...I needed a free into the walker he went...

Lots going on this summer, but with Olivia's developmental strides--its getting a little more manageable. Nonetheless we are thankful for midday naptime when the house is completely quiet and again in the evening at bedtime.

Now if I can just get Lucas to eliminate his middle of the night feeding--which I hope comes with the switch to formula---we may get even more rest!

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