Monday, July 11

The Tattler's Tales

One of the perks of having an almost 2-year old that speaks in complete sentences is the full report you get about her day--or a recount of a major event. For example Olivia loves telling us about Grandad's surprise birthday party taking us through each step--from hiding, being quiet, to the noise makers to yelling "Happy Birthday Grandad." Fun and cute.

Another perk of our talkative toddler is getting a repeat report on what the nanny says...

"Oh sugar!'

"What did I say?" (in a scornful tone)

And finally tonight's report came at bathtime when Olivia was playing with a bar of soap holding it horizontally and wiggling her thumbs on top. I asked her what she was doing....she responded dryly...

"Playing a game on my phone."

Ha Ha. Oh reeeee-ally?? Tell me more. Tell me more.

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