Monday, April 20

Daddy's On A Role!

Charm City Daddy has been on his best behavior recently. Well, he's always fantastic--and my best friend of course, but he's been an exceptional husband of late and deserves some kudos.

Tonight, when I walked in the door from work, he greeted me in his suit with a wine glass of sweet tea (lol--see? he really knows and loves me!) and took my purse, bag, raincoat from me immediately and escorted me to a beautifully set dining room table (that I should have photographed, but I was overwhelmed).

The table was set for two and complete with fresh roses, the "good china," and pre-printed menus that featured a 3-course meal. Oh! and Kenny G was playing! Ha!

He had used the latter portion of his afternoon to plan, shop, and prepare a fantastic meal that included: vinaigrette drizzled T.B.M. (tomato basil mozarella), vodka sauce over fresh lobster ravioli, sauteed asparagus, and lemon meringue tarts and toasted chocolate/walnut tarts! Oh and I got kisses between courses. :)

At the end of our meal, he made us some (decaf) coffee and insisted we sit in these two chairs in our living room that we NEVER sit in b/c they are white and in a sitting area that is off to the side.

With the music still going we enjoyed our coffee, great conversation and what will soon be a rare, calming moment before Olivia takes over our lives.

Tonight's dinner was one my favorite days in a long, long time. It tops the Jetta replacement he surprised me with one day after work, or the weekend getaway he planned two weeks ago complete with Maybach and driver. Tonight CCD was the man I dated and knew I wanted to marry after our first date.

I feel like THE luckiest girl in the world. Thanks Babe.

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