Sunday, April 5

Nice Kicks...

I've been feeling Charm City Baby move around since mid-March. From moments of sharp pain and discomfort that comes and goes in seconds to what feels like gas or an internal stomach growl--my sister confirmed for me "that would be your baby moving."

This week, however, I've been feeling (and seeing) actual kicks and possibly stretches of Charm City Baby!

Of course, it's nothing like this yet...

...but it feels like it!

Charm City Daddy has been enjoying the kicks too. CCB always gives us a nice long session, enough time for me to inform CCD and for him to feel her go at it. Speak of the devil--she's going at it right now as I type.

In the beginning, it seemed like she responded to the vibrations in the car rides a lot. Now it seems like she responds to let's see: the pastor's sermon at church, anytime I lay down or sit down after doing a lot of walking around or moving, meetings at work, food, drink, anything!

I just love it! I hear later on in the pregnancy, however, it keeps you up at night. Nice! I'll enjoy this excitement while it lasts.

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