Tuesday, April 21

The New Facebook...

This website has become Charm City Daddy's new Facebook. I kid you not.

We've had great success in finding excellent au pair candidates for Olivia through our original agency, or at least we did in my opinion. But no one was good enough in the eyes of CCD.

This is how the conversations went ( with some *dramatization added*):

CCM: "Look babe, this girl had a great application, she's 22, she's Russian, fluent in German, has newborn/infant experience and she's safety certified. Perfect!"

CCD: "Uhhh yeah, but if you look at her closely she seems too frail to hold a baby, she had some health issues two years ago, and I'm thinking fluent Mandarin would be desirable as well."

CCM: "Okaaaay."

So since NO ONE could please CCD, I turned the search for an au pair over to him and he has taken it on with pure enthusiasm.

I get no less than 4 emails a day where CCD has copied me on his "cross examinations" of AP candidates via email. It's getting to be quite the entertainment. On the particular "facebook" website he uses, the responses can almost be instantaneous, where an AP can tag you, put you on their "hot list," send you a message, etc. Its crazy.

I am glad he's taking care of these initial details and he has the background to do the proper due diligence. He's narrowing the candidates and together we're choosing the person that will ultimately live with us and influence the first year (or two) of Olivia's life.

The decision will need be made by late June if visas/international travel are involved, so a little less than 2 months to go!

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