Wednesday, April 22

Time to Register...

My mom, 'Charm City Grandma', and friend (who is also expecting--yay!) informed me this weekend that they are in the beginning stages of planning Charm City Baby's shower. Yay!

Being the control freak that I am, CCG and friend have tried to let me know some details and run some things by me because my loving mother aims to please. Thanks mom. :)

So while I don't know everything (and I'm okay with that) I do know that the shower will be:
  • For the ladies--and GENTS!
  • Saturday, June 13th!
  • At Our Home!
  • A Backyard BBQ!

Charm City Daddy is excited (so I am). He wants to tent the backyard and have a live band (possibly rehire our wedding band)! That would be a lot fun, actually. But there we go "controlling" again...

Initially CCD and I were planning to have a big "Baby Clam Bake" with a raw oyster bar ( b/c I miss them so much during pregnancy) at our home in September to celebrate the arrival of Charm City Baby. It was then that we were going to tent the backyard, hire the band, etc. I'm thinking we may be too overwhelmed with CCB at that point for such an elaborate affair. Hmm.

Anyway, with the shower coming I need to take some time to register---BUT WHERE?

I have a love/hate relationship with registries. First of all, (as I learned during my wedding) I only do it online. Forget the store madness and getting the right color/styles, etc. Second, I do it alone. Charm City Daddy wants no parts of it--except maybe the carrier that will be strapped to his chest. I will show him the list and get his input on bigger items but let's face it--tis I that does the baby product research.

I'll most likely use this checklist as I have found it to be the most comprehensive. But the question remains where should I register?

Please, leave a comment and tell me where to go and if you've done this baby thing before, the "must-haves."

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