Wednesday, September 16

Baby Boot Camp Continued...

So today I met with a personal trainer. O.M.G. This dude embodies boot camp at a whole new level.

Today during our preliminary assessment I got just a small taste of what my workout will include.

Before I get to the what that little taste felt like, let me tell you what the assessment revealed.

1. My diet sucks.
2. And according to my age and frame I have TWENTY more pounds to lose, NOT ten as I previously reported in order to get to my body fat down from 34 percent to 21 percent--the best score.


As far as the diet goes, I know I have room for improvement. For example, I don't care much for breakfast on most weekdays and YES, I know its the most important meal of the day.

But just to rub it in, the trainer wrote down everything I ate yesterday. HA! Here goes:

Breakfast: 1 banana, handful of strawberries, 1 bottled water. (basically on the way to the gym).
Lunch: 1 dozen raw oysters, mixed green salad w/ lemon caper vinagrette.
Dinner: Umm...3 oreos and a fun size Snickers (which I keep stashed in the nightstand)

I told you it was bad! Lunch is my favorite meal of the day--the rest suffer miserably and I'm not a snacker.

So, yes the diet needs to improve. He gave me a daily caloric goal (which keeps my breastfeeding in mind) that includes 3 meals and 3 snacks. We'll see how that goes. I'll be keeping track here.

As for the "taste" of the workout? Let's just say that I found myself doing the same breathing exercises I used during labor pains INCLUDING the final pushes. I also called out to my Lord and Savior a few times too. I think He helped.

The goal is to lose about 2 lbs a week over the next 10 weeks while toning up my core--everything between my chest and my knees. The assessment also revealed that my hips spread almost 3 inches during the pregnancy, and some of that has to be saddlebags.

I will be brave and post before pics here only because I anticipate some kick ass after pics! YEAH!


"After" To Be Continued...

Wish me luck!

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