Tuesday, September 15

Olivia's First Four Weeks...

It seems this baby knows the precise moment when mommy wants to hop on her laptop and get in touch with the world. Babies have amazingly accurate yet peculiar timing, eh?

Anyway...time is limited but I wanted to share some random candids of my precious bebe as she celebrated her first month on the planet yesterday! yay!

First up, here is my sweet baby ready and alert to play in the morning. Did mention she has had freakishly advanced neck strength since birth? Holds her head up and turns her head no problem.

I couldn't resist giving her my crown ring--it looks like brass knuckles on her...

Then we practiced announcing her as Miss America and she made this face! (hehe)

She's already changed so much since her arrival..

She's bigger and browner!


Ah! What did I tell you? She's awake and hungry! More pics later!

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