Thursday, September 24

Vegas Bound

I have never had so many mixed emotions about a trip in my life.

While I'm looking forward to quality time with Charm City Daddy, I am not looking forward to leaving my baby girl (overnight stay) for the first time!

Luckily it's just a weekend trip and Olivia will be in great hands with my mom, but as each day passes I love her more and more and geez it's going to be so hard to return to work in 3 weeks...

To make it even more difficult she is growing and developing so rapidly. She's getting longer and measured in at 8 lbs. 5 oz. today. Then this evening she surprised us and decided to take her coos to another level. She engaged in a mimic and call and response of ooh's and ahh's with me that went on for at least 4-5 minutes and we were lucky enough to capture part of it on video.

It's amazing how one day they seem to sleep all the time and not really respond to much, and then the next day they wake up and look at you (like they know exactly who you are) and smile and coo and then you melt and you are putty and you have just spent an hour of your life staring at your perfect little creation....

So! I have to stop talking about her or I will never make it on the plane Friday.

Oh, and I've been pumping like nobody's business to make sure she has a good amount of breastmilk for the weekend too. Talk about exhausting and anxiety-inducing task! I'm lucky (and glad) this is a short trip. I will have to bring my pump along to pump every few hours to keep my supply up and the ducts from backing up. Ironically, after the frenzy of pumping I've been doing all week, I will have to waste all of the milk I pump over the weekend. BOO!

Okay--BRIGHT SIDE! Charm City Daddy-- I love you! Plane ride--can't wait to use you sleep like I haven't slept in...well, 5 weeks!. Tory Burch Boutique--you never disappoint and it's time we reunited! Spa--here I come!

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