Sunday, July 18

11 Months and Counting...

Miss O -

You are so close to your first birthday and we are all looking forward to celebrating your first year. These first 11 months have been wonderful and you are more fun right now than ever. Miss Personality. At the family reunion yesterday in North Carolina you won the prize for the youngest baby present (you won by 2 months!). Your reaction was priceless. We let you chew on the card until you bit off a piece and then we had to fish it out of your big jowls.

It was also the first time you met many of your relatives on mama's side. They adored you. I even taught you how to say a few words in a southern, country way and it really pissed daddy off---but we just giggled.  You said,  "haaaaay" and this weekend you started a new phrase "Oh Wow!" sometimes accompanied with "Oh Wow, Baby!" It's so funny to hear you say it because you almost growl the "Oh Wow" and make a funny "O" face. You still won't call me mama--and I'm beginning to think you know better and are just being obstinate. You say/know "dadda" but when I point to myself and say mama you say "dadda." According to you, all food is now called "Nah-nah-nah-nah." You have 2 bottom teeth only--still waiting on those stubborn top two.

In addition to stair climbing you are even closer to walking. You only use help for your own confidence. Occasionally you stand alone and take a few steps before you realize you are unassisted.

You are a still a banana-lover. You love food and hardly turn anything way. Recently you started whining and fussing when you get to the end of your bottle! I get so excited when I think about how close you are to being OFF formula! I can see the light! It's sooo expensive.

When we tell you your diapers stink and make a stinky face (or pretend we are vomiting) you laugh hysterically. You wave hi and goodbye. You've discovered your pointer finger and place it on your lips (sometimes in your mouth) to signal "hush" when we say it or read a particular bedtime story. It's difficult to change your diapers because you are always on the move. It's always difficult to convince you to remain seated at bath time occasionally--although tonight was good.

You continue to be a stellar sleeper on the road and at home. Today, on our flight home from North Carolina, you discovered the air vents. You had everyone seated around us laughing at you. You love audiences, on planes---and even churches, but you always crash as soon as you get into your car seat. It's tough being a performer at the ripe old age of 11 months.

Love You,


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