Thursday, July 22

Baby Steps

At 11 months and 5 days old, Olivia took her first steps today! For the last few weeks she has been walking around holding onto our point finger not realizing that she can do it on her own. This weekend I watched her take 4 steps in her crib while holding her lamb blanket in both hands---she didn't even realize she was doing it. I've learned that it takes time. It is a mental level of comfort babies have to feel.

Today that little switch in her head just clicked and she willingly took steps towards us on her own--stepping away from the furniture. Yay! Charm City Daddy and I were so excited laughing and clapping and screaming and she reacts with the same excitement and screams. The full length mirror in our bedroom is great motivation too. She easily walked 5 feet unassisted towards her reflection. She seems to favor the right leg and gets going nearly sideways after a few paces. So cute.

The first official steps took place this morning before work but we had no camera around (as I literally came sprinting out of the shower soaking wet to Charm City Daddy's screaming and clapping). When we got home from work Charm City Daddy just grabbed his blackberry so here it is---11 seconds, dark, and fuzzy--and full of screams!

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