Wednesday, July 21

Car Seat Challenge

I have been looking for Olivia's post-infant, convertible car seat for oh, I don't know the last FIVE months? She is now handily over 20 pounds and as tall as ever so my deadline has arrived and I cannot make a decision.

Last month, I even pulled up curbside to Babies R Us to actually test out a seat in my car with Olivia. No go.  There was so much side impact on that thing I could hardly get her in and out AND I had to move both the front seats of my X3 forward to install it rear facing. Not good.

I am most preoccupied with the sizes of these beasts. They are HUGE. Have you seen what is on the market these days to protect kids in the car? Where are these children going and how do their mothers drive? There are cushions at every angle, and air , oh and don't forget the 100-point harness and jumbo sippy cup and snack holder. Too. much. Also can I say that I hate the faux suede?

Now since the BRU episode mentioned above we purchased a new family car (to end all family cars) BUT I don't care what you drive, space is a premium in any car. After all there should be room for other passengers  and quite possibly additional carseats that aren't enormous as well.  And hey, here's a thought. Let's make sure there is room for the driver to actually operate the vehicle in addition to that big-ass car seat.  With a large seat, extended rear facing can be problematic in certain cars and I want Olivia to remain rear facing for up to 30 lbs--at least.

Don't get me wrong I am all for safety that's why I haven't just gone out and purchased the smallest (cutest) car seat I've seen so far, the Combi Coccoro...

Mmm, I do love that Combi though. But it's $199 ($169 on sale at Target) and only holds baby up to 40lbs. I need more capacity at that price. It's got a great video that demos how 3 of these bad boys can fit in the back of a compact sedan. The city mama in me loves that--but then I think --wait that translates to three kids under 40lbs at once? Ooph! Not gonna happen.

The Britax models come highly recommended all-around, but they are even more pricey than the Combi and run rather large. But they are oh so nice...this one's my favorite but it's only available on pre-order at the moment (goes on sale August 19th)...and $309!!

So basically, I want you mama's out there to tell me what has worked for you. I am thinking long term here like I did with all of my other gear, so it needs to be great quality, unisex, and in this case small enough to allow room for other car seats, passengers. Help me. Please.

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