Friday, July 23

Diapering Update

Cynthia Rowley's new disposable Pampers for Target debut this month!

I think it is time for an update confession on my diapering. One question that my friends who follow my mommy antics often ask me is "are you still cloth diapering?"

The answer is yes and no. Allow me to explain.

It all started when Olivia started peeing through her cloth diapers in April (8 months old) at bedtime no matter how much I doubled them up. We moved to using disposables only for bedtime, so I had to buy them in larger quantity than when we just used them for travel and outings. With a larger quantity of disposables at-hand,  the nanny rejoiced! She had been trying to convince me for months how cheap disposables were at Sam's Club and now at last she had them and didn't have to deal with poopy pants every other day. haha! I would tell her I didnt't want her using them all day and she tells me "Oh, Miss Marina I just use them for her morning poo and then I put cloth on her after her first messy diaper." This was true for about a month, but keeping up with both disposables (one bin) and cloth (another bin) is Annoying. You really have to be all-in --one way or the other. So, the next thing I know, Olivia is wearing disposables all day long and a cloth with me (the cheap skate) and daddy (who never noticed we stopped using cloth during the day in the first place) but at bedtime (just 2 hours after I get home from work) we went right back into disposable for leak protection.

Soon, I rationalized using disposables on weekends to save myself from having to do a load of laundry on Sunday night of the weekend's poopy pants. The next thing you know I am buying bulk disposables on a monthly basis with tons of coupons and CCD is asking me at the store, "I thought we're using cloth diapers?" Embarrassed and defeated I would respond, "yes we are babe, but these are on sale and I have coupons, and we use them on-the-go and weekends." Basically I was lying to myself.

Today we only use cloth diapers on occasion, such as the brief period after Charm City Baby wakes up and gets her first bottle before its time to get her dressed for the day, or just playing around the house, and (most often) when we are out of disposables. They are still great and fit wonderfully!

So we have completely reversed and are back to disposables--where we started when she was a newborn. We had a good 6 month sprint of cloth diapering which undoubtedly saved us a lot of money, but exclusive use of cloth diapers is now over.

Maybe we will revisit them when its time to potty train. I will not commit this time. Instead I will just safely say, we'll see.

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