Sunday, August 1

O-no! The Fro!

Miss Olivia after the Friday night hair washing...Can you say TIIIIIGHT AFRO?!!?!!
This is her repeating after me saying.... "Afroooooo"
Working with that thick stuff the next morning is always tug-o-war of pleading, whining, and bribing. A couple months ago I contemplated writing a how-to post on working with nappy difficult baby hair. I started taking the pictures of supplies, distractions needed but gave up after I realized O was not in hair modeling mood that day.

She was not having it. Plus the picture taking was prolonging the agony for her.

It usually takes me 30 minutes to go from fro to any braided hairstyle. Most times I just give O quick little braided plats for the air drying and that helps transition to neater, easier-to-manage braiding the next morning.

I still haven't mastered my corn rows enough for what I call "baby speed." I can't yet execute that kind of braiding with good quality at a fast speed. My mother-in-law does a good job in the corn row department. We visited CT last weekend and O sported my favorite MIL corn row style while there.
This hairstyle makes you realize how much hair she has for a mere 11 months. In this picture I'm holding our friend's three month old baby girl, Sifani. Olivia loves to squeeze and poke poor little babies. This was the first time I saw her get a little jealous and wanted me to ultimately hold her too when she realized I wouldn't let her touch the baby. She does better with older kids. This lucky guy, Kaelon, Sifani's big bro, got a big kiss from O. He was not thrilled.

She wants to do everything the big kids do. She stares and studies and then jumps right in.
And just because...more pics of the O-fro on the go. She is walking everywhere now. In 8 days she has gone from both hands up in the air in the "touchdown" position while walking to then putting her arms out in front of her like a mummy to their current position straight out at her sides. Today, she gave her fist kids' offering in church b/c she could walk down the aisle.

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