Tuesday, August 17

Happy First Birthday Olivia!

Dear Olivia,

One year ago today, you decided to make your entrance--6 days early, but somehow right on time.
Your parents were so excited about meeting you that your mama kept doubting that she was actually in labor, and your daddy couldn't decide what to wear! As evidenced by this video--you didn't give a hoot.

You made us cry the day we met you, but you have kept us laughing ever since. SUCH a happy, easy baby. May your toddler years be just the same!

Your one-year stats today were:
  • Height: 30.25 inches (between 75-90th percentile)
  • Weight: 22 lbs 10 oz. (between 50-75th percentile)
  • Head Circumference 46.4 cm (50th percentile)
You're walking. Correction--you're running! You have 4 teeth! You love other kids--sometimes too much. You say "thank you" and are learning "please" but you think your mama is saying "cheese" for a picture. You know some of your toys by name and can retrieve them. You love putting on your purse on your shoulder then cheering. We get hugs and kisses but you don't hesitate to push us away when you've had enough--usually after two. You love to give hi-fives. Our latest nickname for you is "Gov" as in the Governor, because let's face it--you're the boss, we drive you around in an SUV, speak on your behalf, and arrange your schedule. At first it was hard to suppress the laughter during one of your our sassy mumblings/back talking, and tantrums--it's getting easier though. You betta watch it, Gov!

You were born during prime time and that may be why you're always ready to perform. The Wendy Williams theme song remains your favorite song and when you hear it you can't contain the happy feet. For the last 8 months, if we have a bad day all we have to do is play the song and watch you go at it--best medicine ever.
We love you so much and can't wait to see how much you enjoy your first birthday party this weekend!



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  1. Happy Birthday Olivia!! Love, Eugene, Timmy, and Annabelle