Thursday, August 5

Never Happened.

Remember those pillows I set out to make? Well to that idea I say a big fat HA! Never happened.

Remember that toddler/tween room I am planning? Since the chair purchase, NADA.

Remember that sewing machine my mom left for me? Hasn't budged. 

Does that stop me from lying to myself about what new projects I want to accomplish around the house? HECK NO!

And now Prudent Baby's bed roll is my latest infatuation and lie to myself, but I suppose I have sometime before Olivia will need one of these to take naps somewhere other than home. I am warning you now, don't EVEN click through to the link or you will want to do it too. Soooo cute!

Now that I think about it, the last sewing project that actually I completed (other than a button here or hem there) were pillows for my college apartment. And btw, I still use them. They are sitting on the built-in benches in our basement. Pitiful.

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