Wednesday, August 18

For My Fellow Paper Lovers

I love stationery. Moreover, I appreciate the time people put into selecting thank you notes, invitations, birthday cards, announcements, and holiday cards. In this day of email, spam, junk email, and text messages, a postage stamped piece of stationery is among my favorite things to receive. It's  like a little unexpected surprise gift in your mailbox.

One thing using real paper requires that e-vites, e-cards, and email do not is lots of planning ahead to allow for production and mailing time as well as a considerable investment in a large quantity of stamps.  I suppose that could be the reason many people give up and go the cheaper, faster electronic route these days.

So when I heard about Paperless Post, a eco-friendly, cost-effective way to still send a fabulous stationery statement electronically I immediately signed myself up. The site is still in its beta phase but what a wonderful idea! In my opinion certain events and messages should remain on paper but what a lovely alternative!

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