Monday, August 16

Fun Weekend!

O wore me out and wore herself out this weekend. I was dog tired after chasing her little tail around a friend's lovely purse and jewelry party. The only two things that stopped Olivia in her tracks were:

1. Doggie Kisses (IN her mouth). It turns out my friend's two yorkies loves the kids and my kid certainly loved them.

2. Delivering baby kisses to her Washingtonian pal, her beltway bestie...Madelyn!

But she literally went overboard!

Maddy cried (as well she should have) and we ended up having to peel Olivia off.
The Olivia did offer her traumatized friend her pacifier. What's funny about this pic is that it revealed that Olivia offered her paci in a sly, down low kinda way like, "Shh! Don't cry girl, you're gonna get me in trouble! Just take the pacifier!"

For the rest of the party, Maddy put her two arms out in front of her to protect herself every time Olivia came near. Smart girl.

I spent the whole party chasing O and trying to keep her from tearing down displays and generally tearing the place up. I don't think I had a full, uninterrupted conversation with anyone with full eye contact the entire time. PLEASE let this be a phase and please let Charm City Daddy be home to take care of her next time. Never again.

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