Saturday, August 14

Let's Catch Up

Here's what's going down in our little corner of Charm City...

First, I am happy to announce that I have a fellow dill pickle lover.  I've never been more proud.

O gave us a preview of how potentially helpful she could be around the house one day. I couldn't deter her from the mop, so I gave up and showed her how to use it.

We rocked full out afro puffs for the first time this week.

O store-tested the IKEA bed I picked out for her new room. She liked it. Now if I could just get her to lay or sit on it. I'm so afraid that the toddler bed switch (when it arrives down the road) will be the first glitch in our perfect record of sleep and sleep training.  We've been so blessed in that department. Praying and positive thinking only!

Party planning is coming along and after last week's post about my lack of craftiness, I broke out the sewing machine this week. With the help of my mom I actually MADE something for O's birthday party (to be revealed later--and don't get your hopes up).  As seen here, Olivia is an "unbeatable" shopping partner.
"Hey mom,  tell that creepy lady to stop staring. I am not actually for sale."
After hearing the stories from Nanny Julia about how Olivia loves her twice-weekly library visits, I had to see it for myself. It was my favorite 30 minutes of this week.

And last but not least, the birthday goodie bags are complete and sorted by the varying ages and genders of the little party attendees.

Glad to be done with this anxiety-inducing task---now I've got to muster the courage for the other thing that's been giving me heartburn---the thought of making the birthday cupcakes! Ah! I'm not going to wimp out and order some delicious designer ones though. I'm going to power through! After all this is the stuff that moms are made of.  Riiight?

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