Tuesday, August 17

Happy Birthday to Zooooo!

In Celebration of O's big UNO...

...we went to The Maryland Zoo today. One day she'll catch on that the zoo is less than 5 minutes from home and we always pass it on the way to church---and I'm sure I will dread that day.
But today--everything was new and "Oh wow, baybeeee" and F-U-N.

From her stroller she seem uninterested and unimpressed at first, but when we pulled her out and let her walk about,  the whole zoo came alive to and suddenly she got it.  She started to do the motions she learned from one of her favorite bedtime books associated with the various animals.
Olivia enjoyed some ice cream, and had an all around good time with Cousin T and Charm City Grandma, Daddy, Mama, and the nanny too!

We didn't leave without a family picture. I can't explain why I am smiling so hard other than I may be subconsciously trying to overcompensate in order to make Olivia smile too?! I'm pretty sure I was yelling "cheeeeeese!"

Oh, well. Other than me--I love this picture. And I just realized that we're all wearing navy.

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