Monday, January 3

2011 is here

Now that 2011 has clearly arrived, so has the realization that in less than 90 days my second child will also make his arrival.

Um. Yikes.

Particularly when I think about the non-progress of Olivia's toddler room and the fact that she will be sleeping in it come May...I get a tad anxious.
Also we are getting pressure from friends to have an informal baby shower because of  the gender change of baby number two. I don't know if you could call it a shower. More like a party where folks 'just bring diapers and boy clothes' since we have all the gear we need--except perhaps a double stroller? I am very reluctant and it's not a priority, so we will see what happens.
Charm City Daddy and are starting to get a little giddy about our little family too. While doing some of our holiday shopping we picked up a few little dude clothes, and I must say the H&M baby clothes win the style award. Good stuff there my friends.

Also over the holidays I got to hold, kiss, and smell the sweet baby breath of my new niece, Camille! Loved it.
She is not asleep but kept grimacing and closing her eyes to my camera flash.

One thing is for sure--we are taking a serious break on the baby-making for a good long while after this little man pops out March 30th--ish. And if either of us gets the inkling for more babies in the next 3-4 years---someone please tell us to get a puppy.

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