Saturday, January 22

Growing Up Too Fast

I am in complete denial that my child is growing up. Olivia is basically a teenager.

Okay, so she's 17 months--not quite a teenager and from what I hear about girls from age 13-18, I should be very thankful right now---but STILL!

It blows my mind how smart and independent she can be. Since she could walk, she's performed small tasks for us like tossing things (like her own diapers) in "la basura," cleaning up her own toys, spilled drinks... (this photo was taken before her first birthday)

That's why I wanted to get her cleaning supplies for Christmas. She loves to help mama. It also helps that Tiana the princess cleaned up that old sugar mill with a broom while singing "Almost There" Olivia's favorite song. Everytime O gets the broom in her hand she raises her other arm and sings the BIG final note of the the song "THHHEEEEEERE". At first it took me a while to make the connection. Hilarious I tell you.

She has all of the animal sounds and names nailed and it makes for good car trip or diaper changing conversation. She loves Baby Can Read. We don't follow it to a tee, but see the benefits of her recognizing and naming objects, body parts, and some words. Now we're working on colors and letters. So far, all letters are "E" to her.

She has an excellent sense of where things belong and is really good about replacing objects to their original home. This makes her a puzzle lover and puzzle whiz. You have to watch her though, because sometime she misplaces the puzzle pieces just to say "Oh No!" frown and then make a funny, puzzled face at you. It is so hard not to laugh in those instances.

She is a real bookworm since most of her social activity and interaction with other children comes from the library and bookstore storytimes during the week. She also LOVES these little books, and carries them from room to room in the house. They were an excellent birthday gift from a neighbor.

Occasionally I hear her reciting the stories to herself (in half baby speak, half english) while she is playing. Have you ever noticed how terribly sad those nursery rhymes can be? Olivia's sad reaction to "Old Mother Hubbard" is my absolute favorite. I must capture it on video.

With all of this development, I am not sure that she understands that there is a baby brother in mommy's belly no matter how often we tell her. Instead she is more entertained by squeezing my now outie belly button and giving me belly zerberts often disturbing her baby brother who immediately kicks back.

We are really enjoying this time with her alone--knowing that it all will change in a matter of two and a half months.

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