Saturday, January 22

We Shall Call Him...


I've always loved that name. It was a favorite 80's movie of mine too. Classic.

We've settled on the first name for our baby boy, but the middle name is the kicker. I am stumped.

I want it to start with a "T" to match Charm City Daddy's initials, but nothing seems to feel or sound just right. It needs to have some meaning. Olivia's middle name is Grace for God's grace, and the whole effortless charm, beauty, charisma thing I hope she has.

My favorite middle name so far has been Tobias--but CCD hates it. My younger brother burst into laughter when I told him that middle name and said, "You really like old slave names don't you?"

Not quite what I had imagined for my son.
Ahhh that was a good one! We laughed good and hard about that one for a while. My brother is right. I like old, biblical names with meaning and this one also happens to be the name Kunta Kinte was given as his slave name. I can't help it!

So anyway...I'm taking suggestions...what you got?

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  1. My middle name suggestion is Timon (pronounced "tee-MOHN"). It means, "respect" or "respect God," depending upon what you read. And, from the arts, it's the name of the lead character from Shakespeare's "Timon of Athens" and, of course, the meerkat from "The Lion King." I'm only one judge but I think Lucas Timon Cooper has quite a ring...LOL. Holla!