Wednesday, February 17

Happy Half Birthday- Six Months Old!

My baby is half a year old!

Holy Cow.

Growing up I had a friend whose family celebrated their half birthdays in addition to their "whole" birthdays. I guess in hindsight, they really only half-celebrated. There wasn't any elaborate party-- just a small gift/surprise, perhaps inviting a friend or two for a slumber party, and cupcakes. As a kid I always thought that was soooo cool and vowed to do the same when I grew up. Now that I am amidst my opportunity--I am hesitant to begin a tradition that I may not be able to keep for as many kids as Charm City Daddy and I ultimately want--four! That's 8 whole and half events a year! As it is, I've probably already over-recorded/documented Olivia's first 6 months...thousands of photos, videos galore, a dvd, a baby book that is bursting at the seams, this blog! Need I say more? So...I will make the call on whether to celebrate half birthdays at a later time...but until then....

Here are some Valentine's pics of the queen of our hearts... 

Charm City Baby: Six Months Old
Getting your hair platted like a big girl. Screaming and squirming while getting your hair done. Arching your back so mommy can't get to the back of your hair. Loving your reflection (stops the crying everytime!) Fake laughing. Growling louder than ever. Imitating and repeating sounds. Scrunching up your nose (and taking quick breathes out of your nose) when we come in for a kiss. Dancing in your bouncer. Sitting Up. Rolling Over. Pushing all the way up. Saying "Bah Bah Bah"  and "Alli Alli Alli" (there, there, there in Spanish). Whining at even the slightest glimpse of your bottle. Scarfing down solids and eyeballing our grown up food. Grabbing with purpose and understanding cause and effect.  Recognizing regulars and being shy with strangers. Putting EVERYTHING in your mouth to figure out what it is. Enjoying my iPhone apps that let you play instruments and voice flash cards. Soaking up all of our love, attention, and kisses.

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