Friday, February 5

Let's Potty!

Five months into motherhood and three months into cloth diapering I've definitely formed my preferences on what I use and when I use it. Here goes...

1. gDiapers - Great hybrids for travel or excursions when you don't want to carry around soiled cloth diapers. Sleeker, more fitted than pockets or all-in-one's (hence great for newborns) but there are drawbacks when explosive poos happen. This diaper has never leaked on us, but the disposable liner often cannot contain all of the #1 or #2 and the plastic pocket holding it as well as the cloth cover often become the 2nd and 3rd lines of defense and end up soiled as well. So you will find yourself changing the entire set, not just the disposable lining as intended. These diapers are very expensive and no cheaper than disposables. Olivia outgrew the smalls, and I am reluctant to buy medium covers and liners to start over again.  Also *clears throat*, I do not recommend flushing these "flushable" disposable liners even in big commercial toilets. One Sunday, Charm City Daddy and I were in tears from laughing so hard about the hurting we put on a brunch buffet, and the punishment Olivia did to the bathroom of the same establishment. Ahhh, our happy little, destructive family.

2. Giggle Infant Bath Seat - Olivia took her first bath in this little seat (which sits in the big tub) and will still be using this seat until she is at least 7 or 8 months old. It allows baby to lay back with head support and the seat has a hole that allows it to fill with water to immerse the vital areas.  I wrote a review on the Giggle website months ago that says it all.

3. Giggle Organic Pre-Folds - Thick, soft, absorbent, washes clean and easily the best pre-fold on the market. They make other pre-folds look like 1-ply toilet paper. I used these more when Olivia was on the small side--between 8-10 lbs, but keep them around as emergency backups. I wrote a review on the Giggle website for these as well. Five Stars! Use with Snappi Diaper Fasteners.

4. BumGenius 3.0 Cloth Diapers - Easy to use. Easy to clean. Easy to size (adjustable). I just said easy three times! Each time they come out of the wash, I am always amazed to see how clean they get considering the damage Olivia can do. I must admit Olivia moving to solids has taken cloth diapering to a new level. I mean, you can't really look at poo as poo anymore. It's more like play-doh or something. 

Also Great: A&D and Balmex Daily Skin Protective Ointment for when we use disposables while traveling or when Olivia needs a little added moisturizing, protection.

I hope these gear reviews are helping gift givers, moms, and moms-to-be out there! I know I read lots of mommy blogs and reviews (still am!) gearing up for Olivia.

*I was not compensated or gifted any of these items for the purpose of this review.

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