Saturday, February 6

SnOMG 2010 & Happy Birthday To Me!

Sooooooo here's why  my lifelong dream to have a pool party on my birthday will NEVER happen (unless we move)...

my parents' backyard in SnOMG 2010
We're snowed in at my parents' house again! The Baltimore/Washington area got record breaking snowfall for our region. Something like 27-30 inches. It's stupid.

This time we decided to head south of Bmore to my parents' place BEFORE the storm hit, so we arrived Friday afternoon.  It snowed and snowed and then this morning at 7:30 a.m. the power went out and stayed out for 9 long hours.

There were only three things that worked: Charm City Daddy's laptop--on which we watched comedy shows (thanks to iTunes). My dad's Bose iPod speaker--which provided great dance music for me, mom and Olivia. The gas cooktop--on which we made breakfast and dinner--chili!

my lil' bro roasting toast

By 12 noon, there was a noticeable nip in the air, and we had to dance to keep warm. We LOVE dancin'!!

Their fireplace has an electronic lighter, so all we could do is watch the temperature drop on the remote and suffer.

I documented some of the boredom  suffering. 
Dad (aka "the FEMA director" today)
Mom (and Merlot)
       Charm City Daddy (look who's gotten hip to the odds of appearing on this blog)
my birthday drink of choice- Vodka sour!
modeling my snow shoveling fashion - a hat my little bro sewed in middle school.
The lights (and heat) came on just in time for dessert...birthday ice cream cake from CCD--which was sooo good. No dry cake-all ice cream and the crust was cookie. Thanks Babe.

I was supposed to be at the spa today getting the royal treatment (and CCD spilled that he had made dinner reservations), but I definitely had more fun laughing and spending time with the family.  I couldn't have planned a better birthday. Oh, and I'm 29!!


  1. Happy Birthday Beautiful!!! ...and I can't believe you have more snow than us!! alot actually!! ;)

  2. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Glad you and your family made it through safely and survived the cold!

  3. Happy Birthday, CCM. Lucky you to celebrate your birthday happily in the midst of so much weather misery.
    Ah, the gift of loving grandparents.
    CCD is little too camera shy!