Tuesday, February 23

Six Month Stats

We had a great doctor's appointment today if you don't count the three shots (including H1N1) which made Charm City Baby's world come crashing down. That and the fact that she was terrified of the paper liner on the hospital table. Weird. She loves playing with paper towels at home, but the noisy nature of the tissue paper surrounding her, had her bug-eyed, jumpy, arms out and shaking. Poor baby. I held her during her entire exam and she repaid me by peeing on my jeans. Yay!

At any rate we confirmed what we already knew...Olivia is an eater. She is now allowed to have stage two solids. Haha well, we may or may not have already been feeding her the larger quantity stage two stuff! She also gets 4 bottles a day varying in range from 5-7 ounces each.

Here are her 6-month stats:

- Height: 27 inches  (90th percentile) She's getting tall!
- Weight: 17 lbs 9.6 ounces (75 percentile)
- Head Circumference: 43.1 cm (50th percentile)

I just can't say enough how much fun this age/phase is! Recently she has started bending over at her side ("like a teapot short and stout") to look at people or objects. She does it all the time--whether I'm holding her and she's staring at people sideways, or when she's sitting alone.

She is starting to understand that objects can be behind, underneath things. I am also enjoying her reaction to music--she studies it, she dances, and she sings too. She also loves applause and it can snap her out of any crying/whining fit.

Just remind me how much I am loving this as she begins to teethe more! :)


  1. OMG, she might be the cutest baby I have ever seen!! We have to get together soon so I can pinch those cheeks :-) Too cute!!

  2. Do you know that Annabelle does the same looking at us sideways thing! Olivia is ADORABLE!! I'm jealous of the hair...I have to glue and staple A's bows to her head! I agree with Catherine...we HAVE to get together!!

  3. WHAT.A.CUTIE!!!! I *heart* the purple outfit too!