Monday, March 2

Appointment Update:15 Weeks

Believe it or not, a month has already gone by and today was my monthly check up.

Charm City Daddy decided to go with me, despite warnings from me that we would not yet find out Charm City Baby's gender.

Since snow kept us both home today, I tried to appease CCD far in advance of the appointment by looking up our baby's gender according to the Chinese Lunar calendar. Luckily, it generated a boy result--which seemed to give him some satisfaction.

After speaking with a few of CCD's friends, however, I found out that he's told his friends that he wants a girl. Hmmm. Interesting. Because he clearly speaks directly into my belly at night, "hey boy, this is your father!" lol.

In fact, today at the doctor's office when the fetal doppler detected the baby moving and its heartbeat, CCD broke right into his much deeper and dramatic "daddy voice" and announced his presence loudly from across the exam room, "Hey boy! This is your father!"-cracking both me and the nurse up.

Another amusing doctor's visit with CCD.

Of course CCD didn't let an opportunity pass without asking our OB why the books say gender can be determined this early, yet we have to wait until week 19. Our OB explained that we're looking for more than just "particular girl/boy parts" she said "we're also looking to make sure everything has formed properly--and all structures are not yet in place.

I say no need to cause undue stress. A little patience is worth the peace of mind. It also seems like as soon as we know the gender, we'll be on the fast track for baby naming and registering gender appropriate stuff and everything else.

I'm enjoying this slower pace right now.

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