Sunday, March 1

Finally Comfortable!

Friday night, I picked up some maternity clothes from a friend who just had her second and final baby.

How lucky am I? I hit the jackpot!

She showered me with bags of cute pants, shorts, tops and sundresses from H&M Mama, Gap and Mimi Maternity. Who knew H&M had maternity? I am THERE!

CCD and I are all about consignment and thrifting it when it makes sense. Annually, the Women's Board at Johns Hopkins hosts the Best Dressed Sale event and has managed to get Baltimore's best dressed to donate their threads, accessories, houseware to this sale every year. Every designer is represented, it's organized like a department store, and it is so EASY to shop! I can't wait to go this year to get CCB some cute stuff.

Meanwhile, I am sitting comfortably in my stretch black maternity pants (sigh), and planning how I will dress up my new duds for work this week.

The baby bump is starting to make its appearance--pics to come this week.

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