Monday, March 9

A Modern, Gender-Neutral Nursery...

I wanted to share a few of my ideas for Charm City Baby's nursery!

First, the inspiration from Domino Magazine's feature on the home of Jenna Lyons...

And of course--my (40 x 40) beloved framed U of Md silk scarf...

And all of the pieces that I hope will help me achieve my version of a sophisticated, modern nursery...

Pictured Above:
  • I. love. that. glider. B/c it doesn't look like a "nursery glider" thus has some serious staying power, and its supposed to be ergo-friendly for breastfeeding. (yoya shop)
  • A couple of sheepskin pelts thrown here and there. (IKEA)
  • Yellow 3-drawer dresser- will get a changing table topper attached to it. (IKEA)
  • Black dresser for additional storage (IKEA)
  • Modern, white crib (Walmart)
  • Side table for the glider (IKEA)

Also not pictured but just as important:

  • Bedding--something simple in pattern, style and white.
  • Paint--will follow the inspiration pic from Domino--with yolk/white stripes for an interesting ceiling, black chalkboard paint on 2 opposing walls, and white everywhere else.
  • Bookshelf--something creative that makes the books look like art.
  • Window treatment-classic roman shades, perhaps in the yellow color (sassy!) or just white if I chicken out.
  • Lighting- my black and white coral lamps will depart the living room and finally find their rightful home.

So that's it for now. We start with wallpaper removal in the coming week--always fun in our historic home. The last time we attempted this in another bedroom the contractor ended up finding 2 additional layers of decades old wallpaper beneath. Nice.

When we get started in April, I will do my best to share progress on the nursery with my new Canon DSLR-when I learn how to use it. C-O-M-P-L-I-C-A-T-E-D. I'm taking photog classes because it is that ridiculous. The blackberry pics are convenient and easy--but we can do better, yes?

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