Wednesday, March 18

Make Way for Baby...

It's official! Our home has begun its transformation in preparation for the arrival of Charm City Baby.

This weekend I had a successful shopping trip where I found a zebra rug for $129 at HomeGoods! I also found a shadow box frame of real butterflies which compliments the monarch butterflies in the framed turtle scarf, nicely. With turles, zebras, and butterflies, I'm starting to see a secondary theme to my modern nursery. Hmm.

Yesterday, the hideous 1980's floral wallpaper was removed by an appropriately named company "Take It Off!"

Next steps:
- skim coat the plaster walls and prepare them for painting next month
- order the custom roman shades (takes 4-6 weeks).
Btw, JCP's annual window event(65 +10% off all custom drapes and shades) is going on in stores right now. Get thee to JCP!

1 comment:

  1. i fancy the zebra rug. its so cute.I also love JC Penney, anyone know, where I could get a good coupon?