Wednesday, October 21

The Airport Story...

Hey friends...I promise the NOLA pics are coming soon.  Sorry for the delay. I used mom's camera and must now get her data cable to download the pics.

But until then, let me fill you in on the dramatic voyage to New Orleans with baby.

The night before I gave baby a bath, packed up her things (in my carryon to save space of course), and we set out our outfits. She got cute pink fleece pants with pockets and floral pink shirt and pink bows and socks and white mary janes and...its SO much fun dressing a baby girl! (breathe)

For myself, I set out a t-shirt, cardigan, and some new jeans as well as some new boots I've been itching to wear somewhere (since heels have been off limits while pregnant). Why I am telling you what I was wearing you ask? Because it became a major point of contention between Charm City Daddy and I the entire day of traveling. In fact, anytime I wear heels he accuses me of "trying to be tall." huh? It really cracks me up. Anyway, yes the Tory boots are roughly a 4 inch heel and yes I can handle it.

Anyway Charm City Daddy likes for us to "match." He was wearing a long-sleeve t-shirt jeans and top siders and to him I didn't "match" him nor did I "look like a mom."  While I could have taken that as a compliment, I was a little insulted and thus driven to prove that YES I can wear 4 inch heels traveling through airports with a child and gear and be a SUPER MOM! Because of his comment I'm a woman on a mission.

Knowing we'd have to drop off the dog at Grandma's for the weekend on the way to the airport, we decide to head to Grandma's a few hours early. Luckily grandma only lives 10 minutes from the airport. We pack up the car (barely) and realize that there is no way we will ever get second child in the new family car we've only had for 6 months. After dog, carseat, the new stroller, 2 carryon duffels, a diaper bag, the au pair and her carryon backpack, the car was filled to the brim.

We finally make it to Grandma's after turning around once (forgot the wedding gift!) with just enough time for me to realize that I will need to borrow her camera (forgot mine) and her curling iron (whoops forgot that too). So far, the super mom thing is not working so well for me.

At Grandma's in anticipation of the airport security rigamaroo, I slip my drivers license into my back pocket for easy access at the check-in and security line. We head to the airport, check in, and hop into the super long security line with no problems. alright! Then I reach in my back pocket for my ID. It's NOT THERE! Ahh! I look at the AP and hubby in pure horror. I will not get past security without ID! Everyone (including my baby) will make it on the flight but me!Ahh!

I search every bag we have while the security line inches closer to the ID checker. NOTHING! I then start backtracking all the way to the garage where we parked the car RUNNING in FOUR-INCH HEEL BOOTS! I search everywhere, the elevator, under the car (on my hands and knees) in the car. Nothing. I call my mom as I am now SPRINTING through the airport. Did I leave it there? She can't find it. I am fighting tears and RUN down an airport cop and ask him where the lost and found is that I lost my ID. He tells me it won't be there this soon. CRAP! He tells me to plea my case to the security checker and show them what I have. Husband, Baby, and Au Pair have proceeded through the line without me and now struggling to collapse the stroller, I hear my baby crying. I approach the  TSA checker and as soon as I open my mouth (out of breath) I tell her my whole story in about 5 seconds flat running the words together and burst into tears "and my baby is right theeeereeeeeee! waaaahhhhhh!" The woman cuts me off and tells me "wait don't cry we'll figure something out." I let out a big exhale. Now I have to get my wallet from the diaper bag my husband has b/c in the frenzy all I could think to grab was the car key and my boarding pass. A TSA guys gets my wallet from CCD (who is disgusted that I "forgot" my ID) and stressed from baby crying and the AP not knowing how to fold the stroller. I show the TSA ID checker every card in my wallet including my Sam's Club card which is the only other picture ID I have on me.  She lets me through and tells me I have a beautiful baby. Thank you Jesus.

I finally get to the gate where I see AP surrounded by our bags strewn across the floor, bouncing a crying (hungry) baby which is missing a sock, a shoe, and hubby is no where to be found. We feed the baby, find the missing shoe, but not the sock just in time for them to call our Zone for boarding. I've got my boarding pass, but CCD is at the bookstore and has the AP's boarding pass. Now I'm worried that if we don't hurry up and board we won't get the coveted overhead storage! So I get in line with the baby and as many bags as I can carry and tell the AP she'll have to wait for my husband. He walks up seconds later.  We board. We sit. Baby falls sound asleep before take off. Charm City Daddy turns to me and says "Well, you do look nice." I burst into full fledge tears. The flight attendant notices baby is missing a sock and asks me "what happened mom?" Still crying, I replied, "at least I didn't lose the baby right?" She gives me a tissue. Charm City Daddy gives me a sip of his cocktail. And scene.

On the return trip I wore flats.

Oh, and word to the wise never trust the back pocket of James Jeans. Mom found my ID in her driveway.

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