Tuesday, October 27

Funny Story

So my  maternal grandma and one of my elder cousins from my dad's side came into town this weekend for Olivia's Baby Clambake. Just to paint the proper picture, Grandma is 85 and Barbara Ann is probably in her early 70's. They are both the sweetest two people you will ever meet, in fact Grandma made all of the deserts for the party including a moist strawberry cake , lemon meringue pies and chocolate pies!

During the party, they saw some of the baby gear we had around the house including the three strollers we've purchased to date (jogger, bugaboo, and the most recent umbrella). Like most older people, they laughed at us for all of the stuff us youngin's need these days that older folks never had. Of course I explained my rationale behind each of these purchases, but had to laugh along with them.

During our usual Sunday dinner visit at my parents house, as we're packing up the car to leave, Charm City Daddy complains to the ladies about how small the X3 is and how we need to get something bigger already. Well of course grandma, mom and Barbara Ann laughed at us again. We smiled, finished packing up the car and went on our merry way back home. As we are driving down the road (at least 5 minutes away) just chatting away we suddenly get a call from my mom who is laughing so hard she can't even speak. She said we left the dog (Buckley, our Black Lab) behind. Ooops!

It gets better. Did CCD even slow the car down and begin to turn around? No! Instead he chuckled a little, and asked "Do you want us to come back and get him?" HAAAAAAAAA! How terrible is that? Now I'm laughing my tail off. Laughing harder my mom said, "No, I'll just bring him to your place when I come on Wednesday!" And we drove on down the road back to Baltimore with the baby and no dog.

Yes, we are your typical new parents. The kind that people feel sorry for in airports and grandparents and great grandparents are amused by.

Glad we could give you folks a chuckle.

Stay tuned for the long-awaited photos from New Orleans and Saturday's clambake.


  1. at least you didn't leave Oliva behind!!

  2. Bella, our dog, was my BABEEE until the real one came along...now she's lucky I remember to feed her!!