Friday, October 23

Did I Tell You...?

Did I tell you that baby Olivia nearly has full neck control? I mean she came into this work with freakishly good neck strength (according to her doctor) and now she's nearly stabilized and freely rotating that bobble head around. I'm so proud.

Did I tell you that the baby's almost sleeping all the way through the night too? She's always been a good sleeper but last night she crashed at 9pm and woke up at 4 am this morning. Yes sir! The night before that she fell asleep at 7pm and work up at 3 am. We are soo close we can taste it! The pediatrician said 14 pounds seems to be the magic number for sleep training. Almost there!

Did I tell you that it is going to RAIN on our Baby Clambake tomorrow? Our backyard is tented within an inch of its life right now to preserve the paaaarrrtaay. The band seems to be okay with the rain. We'll see what happens.

Did I tell you that my mom is feverishly cleaning my house right now (to make herself feel better) in preparation for the party tomorrow? Allow me to define "feverishly" for you. She emptied my fireplace ash chute yesterday---all 15 buckets. Did I ask her to? nope. Are we burning a fire anytime soon? nope.

Did I tell you that I love my husband? I just love him. That's all.

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