Thursday, October 29

The Baby Clambake

It rained. It poured. But not even a forecast with an 80 percent chance of thunderstorms could deter us from celebrating the arrival of Charm City Baby.

Here is the pictures.

Plenty of alcohol calls for plenty of water. (I used leftover wedding ribbon for a finishing touch.)

The Raw Bar...

..was a hit!

The Cupid Shuffle makes everyone dance.

But my parents would dance to anything.
It runs in the family (my niece).

the hosts...(check out the rain on CCD's blazer).
And OF COURSE...the guest of honor, Charm City Baby!

with MIL and expression of "what the heck is going on?"

Ironically, Olivia slept through most of her own party, only making three appearances. Luckily I had the foresight to create a DVD of the hundreds of photos I've taken over her first two months of life including the momentous hospital arrival. So, our guests enjoyed the slideshow set to Maxwell's Pretty Wings in our living room until the guest of honor made her appearances. It worked out rather well, I must say.

It will be a while before we do another one of these 6-hour bashes, but I see lots of house parties on our parental future.


  1. How do I get myself an invite to one of these bashes...I'd drive over 7 hours for that oyster bar!! Everything looks beautiful and perfect...just like Olivia!!

  2. Jess, ya'll are welcome anytime. In fact, if you make a 7-hour drive, I will throw you a party!