Wednesday, October 28

The "Po-Po" Explosion...

Good Morning!!!!!!! Thanks to Cafe DuMonde coffee from our New Orleans trip, I've been wired ALL morning! yeeehaaww!

I just had to post this morning that since Olivia has made it up to 12 pounds (with a major growth spurt where she can handily chug down 5-6 ounces) we debuted our cloth diapers for the first time last night for bed. And yes they are sooo cute on her little bum, although she had J.Lo booty with the doubler in there.

We made it all night with no leaks of "Chi-Chi" (which means Pee Pee according to the Columbian nanny). And then this morning for her first feeding she let out a "Po-Po" (pronounced Poe-Poe) explosion in that there BumGenius 3.0 that made me regret my whole life!

It was massive and it did stay nicely contained in the diaper but THEN I had to clean it! O.M.G. I don't think anything short of a power washer could have remedied that awful, grainy, yellow mess (that continues to haunt my memory).

I put her little tail right back into a disposable diaper this morning. I'm not ready yet.

What will we do when she starts eating solids? Adios Mio.

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