Monday, October 12

Planning a "Baby" Clambake

That's right. We're planning a post-baby party honoring Olivia's arrival.

Many of our friends couldn't make the shower or cannot wait to meet Olivia, so we decided (before she was even born) that we would have a little party after she arrived to introduce her to the world. Now we're trying to get her Christening to be scheduled for the same weekend so that family can be present, but it's been tricky. Hopefully it works out.

Because themes are fun to work around we decided to go along with a Clambake theme--quintessential New England which of course has Charm City Daddy written all over it.

The Clambake themed invitations went out a month ago and the RSVP's are coming in.

Here's how the party planning is going so far:
  • 20 x 30 framed tent rental BOOKED!
  • live band BOOKED!
  • dj BOOKED!
  • dance floor rental RESERVED!
  • caterer BOOKED!
  • cocktail, dinner table rentals SCHEDULED!
  • make a Sam's Club run - to be completed this week.
  • lantern centerpieces PURCHASED!
  • floral arrangements - to be completed this week.
  • linen rentals RESERVED!
  • get noise variance from Baltimore City for band noise-WAITING ON GOV'T! BOO!
  • organize basement- DONE!
  • upgrade electric in outside of garage for band power DONE!
  • patch plaster and paint in living room - to be completed this week
Did you notice how that list started veering off into the major repair side? That's beauty of living in a 82-year old house. You get to lump in major/mini renovation projects and upgrades with your party planning budgets! We added recessed lighting in the living room just before the baby got here and hadn't had a chance to get the plaster patched and painted--until now.

The party should be fun. I'm going with a red, yellow, and navy color scheme for the linen and flowers.

I've added more of these IKEA lanterns to my arsenal, which are proving to be party staples for me.

I've also selected some fun cocktail selections too...
  • Weed & Water w/ Lemon ( Sweet Tea Vodka, a dash of water, lemon)
  • Sex on the Beach
  • My favorite Maryland Vineyard's wine
  • An assortment of New England beers including Sam Adams & Magic Hat
The caterer just went over the menu with us on Saturday and it looks incredible. We're talking raw oyster bar, jumbo shrimp cocktail, cornbread, lobster mac and cheese, clam appetizer shooters, and more...

I'll be sure to take lost of pictures to share!

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