Wednesday, June 24

Appointment Update: 31 weeks & "My First Baby"

This was just a routine appointment with no ultrasound (my bad). So it consisted of a weight gain check, blood pressure, baby's heartbeat and small talk with the doc on what's to come and my prep checklist.

The appointment immediately followed an all-morning golf outing and hearty angus cheeseburger and fries lunch. So, needless to say my eyelids would not stay open. I was exhausted. I fell asleep twice for a good 2-5 minute power nap in the doctor's office. It was one of those head-bobbing kind of naps, where if you're not careful you'll drool. Amazing.

I came home, skipped dinner, and promptly curled up with Charm City Daddy and actually got a decent night's rest with only one (rather than the usual 4!!) awakening to Charm City Baby tap dancing on my bladder.

This morning I took CCD to arthroscopic surgery on his right knee for a meniscus tear. This injury occurred about 3 weeks ago when CCD was playing his usual Saturday morning basketball game with other early 30-somethings trying to prove they still have their college basketball skills. Sigh. It's quite amusing to watch actually---until someone gets hurt.

It was CCD's first time under general anesthesia and he was a nervous wreck before surgery and a drugged up fool afterward. I was thoroughly amused and he lived up to the phrase I had engraved in his wedding band, "to my first baby." All of the nurses kept telling me how much of a handful he was and they hope (for my sake) that he also takes drugs with me when we have the baby b/c he could barely take the IV today.

He tried to be tough, but I knew he'd be a baby in the end. I've been taking care of him all day and have actually enjoyed bossing him around. This has actually been good b/c I think he'll be even more sympathetic to my "condition" in 8 weeks or so when Charm City Baby arrives.

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