Tuesday, June 2

Week 28 Baby Bump: Smuggling a Basketball...

Check out my Spalding...

My baby bump has really taken off over the past 2 weeks and I certainly have the weight gain and (the much dreaded) partial "outie" belly button now to prove it. Yikes!

To date I've gained something like 23 lbs!! I try not to think about it too much. I just hope breastfeeding lives up to its hype in the weight loss department.
*A special congrats to fellow (now former) preggo, Jamie who welcomed beautiful 6 lb and 9 oz baby boy "Deuce" into the world today. Yay!


  1. OMG, Marina you are so cute!! I'll post pictures of my bump soon, but if you can believe it - my belly button is ALREADY a partial outie- and the other part is flat. EEK! I hear the "Miss Oops" popper stoppers work well ;-)

  2. Gosh, Catherine you are SO in the know! I wish my due date was AFTER yours so I could thoroughly benefit from all of your wisdom and research. Geez. I'm looking into the Miss Ooops suggestion--either that or scotch tape. :)