Monday, June 22

Nursery Glances...

Although I'm still awaiting the arrival of a few more things this week (crib bedding, dresser and changer knob pulls, etc) and I still have some unboxing, organizing, picture, hanging, washing, and setting up to do--the nursery is "done enough" for a few glances...

I love the glider and here it sits in its own corner. You may also recognize the toy cube beneath the lamp. Also, I might add that "Daddy" has lots of shout-outs in this nursery. Not one item about loving mommy--such is my lot in life.

These book shelves from Ikea are a lot of fun and I'm contemplating adding a third--but Charm City Daddy's opinion is less is more. What do you think?

Since I purchased two of those toy cubes--I purposed the other as additional seating with the help of the sheepskin. I like I how the sheepskin softens the room a bit.

And finally my Maryland terrapin scarf sitting pretty above the changing table (without the topper attached). I have always loved this scarf and am so glad it worked in this room. I get a great view of it from the glider too.

That's it for the nursery for now. More to come when I get more unpacked and set up.

And now for some gear. While watching TV yesterday Charm City Daddy only had the patience/attention span for two items, so we picked the swing which now sits nicely in the living room...

And Charm City Daddy's new wheels--the Bob Ironman Jogger.

He joked that he would take the empty jogger on a test run in the morning, yelling out to the neighbors as he passed by "Just testing it out!" He cracks me up.
The jogger will sit in his office on the first floor for a while b/c the thought our newborn flying down the street in it (even with the infant seat attachment) actually terrifies me.
That's where we are so far. The house is slowly being taken over by a 4lb fetus.
Tomorrow is a golf outing with my work colleagues--unfortunately since I've only done the driving range once during the pregnancy and it's going to be hot, I will be driving the golf cart. I also have a doctor's appointment complete with ultrasound in the afternoon, so no need in risking being low on fluids again b/c of sun exposure.
Stay tuned for an appointment update.

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  1. Nursery is beautiful! You did such a good job, and I love the cat n the hat doll. Looks like all Olivia has to do is arrive!