Friday, June 26

Nursery University

Like many couples these days, Charm City Daddy and I have been actively saving for our child's education--before we even knew we were expecting.

And like all parents we want our child to have access to the best education possible. Of course leading up to a formal school experience, we feel exposure, socialization to other cultures, and hands-on learning is extremely important preparation--hence the desire for an au pair, as I have mentioned in previous posts.

Over the weekend CCD and I happen to catch this silly, but interesting, documentary called Nursery University, following various NYC parents and their rigorous application process to NURSERY school! Here's the trailer:

After watching it I felt relieved that 1) Charm City Daddy and I aren't CRAZY, 2) While Baltimore prep schools can be rather competitive, they aren't as bad as those in NYC.

It was clear that some (not all) of these earnest parents were more obsessed with the status of certain schools and the admissions process than they were with their own child's personal development and academic experience.

We are already scouting out some of the area programs that Olivia can start attending as early as 6 months for a weekly class. Today we just found out there is a one-year waitlist for 2 year-olds to enroll this program. Just peachy.

Nonetheless, I am not stressing. I refuse. Olivia will be in good hands and has many wonderful options ahead of her including the opportunity to attend the early-childhood development center at the university I work for--which is great!

Btw, if we keep this pace up with each child, I'm not so sure we'll make it to four. The preparation for children/parenthood is intense!

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