Wednesday, July 1

New Arrival...

No, not the baby. Sorry to get your hopes up. I meant the "baby before the baby."

Here it is coming off the truck, which made the trek all the way from Florida.

And here it is parked in our driveway...

Pay special attention to those garage doors in front of the car. Yes, those are the original 1920's garage doors. Needless to say, no automatic garage door opener here. What's that saying? "Don't put the cart before the horse?" HA! I love it!

Knowing how quickly Charm City Daddy likes to move, I told him repeatedly that he should consider getting an automatic garage door before getting the car. I was ignored. I'm not too concerned though...opening and closing those doors will get old to him really soon. In fact, today I met him home for lunch and the car was out and the garage doors were wide open and he told me that the garage needed to "breathe and air out." That's funny because he has never been concerned with the air cirulation of the garage over the last 2 years we've lived here!?
(Sigh). There are so many amusing stories to share already and the car has only been here a few days.

Stay tuned to hear about our adventures yesterday!

After some setbacks (backorders and more), I also have some progress in the nursery to share.

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