Thursday, July 2

The Misadventures of Charm City Parents...

Oh man! What a funny couple of days I've had with Charm City Daddy. We are really enjoying our time before Charm City Baby arrives.

Earlier this week I took a day off to catch up with him and joy ride like Ferris Bueller in his new toy.

Keep in mind that it has not rained here for D-A-Y-S. See where this is going? I actually pray for rain every couple of days because it saves me from having to waddle outside before or after work to water the flowers.

Speaking of flowers..check out my fresh cut hydrangeas!

I digress.

So anyway, it seems like everytime we set out to take a little ride in the car, storm clouds come out of nowhere defying all forecasts and local meteorologists. First we did some quick shopping. A-okay. Then we stopped for a patio lunch at Cosi. It was absolutely beautiful out with zero humidity. Suddenly, after the meal I saw a storm black storm cloud in the distance. We hopped in the car, but instead of taking the highway home for a quick 3 exits, I convinced CCD to take the backroads. That was mistake #1.

We knew the roads we were on--but didn't know which direction to turn on them. Discovery: there are no navigation systems in 1965 cars. Then it started sprinkling. Crap. We had hats on, but I had white t-shirt on. Enough said. CCD convinced me he knew what he was doing and where he was going, but after we passed the same grocery store three times, I pulled out my blackberry and resorted to Google Maps. Now it was full on pouring and we are looking for cover--in someone's random garage.

Luckily we found a vacant home for sale with a nice car porch, which we sat under until the summer rain died down. We were only 6 miles and 15 minutes from home, but had somehow turned the trip into a 45-minute debacle--just long enough to get soaked.

Here's CCD driving in the rain--smiling between yelling apologies to my tummy to Olivia.

*Note the race car/roller coaster seat belts, pictured above. Yeah, not exactly conducive to pregnant bellies.

When we finally got on our way and made it back into the Baltimore City limits
(which had not experienced a single drop of rain) we were nearly soaked and laughing histerically about how were already such bad parents.

We completely exhausted ourselves so CCD took a nap and I headed to the hair salon.
Assuming (mistake #2) it would not rain again since it had already rained, we set out again for dinner about 5 hours later. This time, thinking we were safe in the dry city we chose a place downtown and even waited 45 minutes for table outside (mistake #3).

Before we got our appetizers it began to sprinkle. CCD dashed to take the car to a public garage about 6 blocks away and got back in time to slurp down his appetizer--raw oysters--(I was so jealous!) and then the sky opened up.

We were relocated inside to finish our meal and just stared out of the window of the restaurant praying for the rain to finish so we could walk to the car and make it home safely. We ate...slowly...and we waited...and waited and finally settled for a light drizzle.

I left my dignity at the door and walked out of the restaurant with a plastic takeout bag on my head as my makeshift rain bonnet! HEY! I had just paid $50 getting my hair done! I made sure the side of the bag that said "Thank You, Thank You, Thank You" was pointed outward to my onlookers in gratitute for their stares.

We of course made it through the 6 blocks in the dark streets and alleys of Baltimore (cue theme song from The Wire), in the rain, to the car that was never meant to be wet and by the grace of God made it home after our 5-hour adventure--and lived to tell the story. Amen.

This is the kind of stuff you can get away with when you have no kids. I think we learned our lesson and I would like to take this moment to apologize to my unborn child. Your parents mean well but aren't perfect and will be better planners in the future. I think we'll start by checking the forecast.

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