Tuesday, July 28

Waddlin' Like I Hit the Bike Bar...

Warning: This may be too much information for you...but this is a blog about pregnancy and motherhood, so suck it up or skip this post. :)

You know that horizontal bar on men's bikes that we all have uncomfortably hit a time or two in our lives?

Yeah--imagine feeling like you hit that over and over and over again and then try walking like a normal person. Putting your pants on...getting out of bed, or just lifting your knees above your waist. Ouch!

At first I noticed the pain would come and go at about 7 months and only show up after long sitting or resting periods, but now it is all the time.

I looked it up. It's called...Pubic Symphysis Diastasis and it's a common symptom of pregnancy, but didn't apparently happen to my older sister. Consider yourself fortunate Windy City Mama.

According to About.com...it's because this is happening...

My pelvic ligaments are slowly loosening and Charm City Baby has become my "inner bike bar." Real nice.
I have a doctor's appointment later today, we'll see what she says about this whole thing.

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