Friday, July 10

Recent Deliveries...

(Nope, not Olivia--we have 6 weeks to go!)

If you think you are seeing a pattern, you would be correct. I have lots of friends that are in the summer preggo boat with me.

On June 2nd, Jamie just had Deuce 6lbs 9 mentioned earlier.
On June 29th, Tracy just had Aiden! 9 lbs 5 oz..

And now...

Congratulations to my fellow Miss America classmate, Jessica, on the arrival of her baby girl, Annabelle on July 7th. Don't you love that name? After two precious little boys, Jess got her girl!

My first impression of Jess when I met her six years ago was this girl is absolutely hilarious. Her wit is unmatched. She often had all of us cracking up in rehearsals at the pageant. Needless to say the birth story (in the way only she can tell it) is highly-anticipated. All the best to the Renzi family!

I think I'm next in line...then comes Tia, Catherine, and then LaShon!

Plenty of playmates to go around!

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