Sunday, July 26

Bump Update and More...

By request, here's an updated bump pic...

(yes the face is tired. It was early).

And also promised, a peek inside the nursery just for the love of tiny baby clothes...

See? I'm not the only one that loves shopping for a girl. Charm City Baby is spoiled well in advance of her arrival thanks to friends and family.

After all of the issues with the topper, I still like this changing table for its storage and hidden drawers. I keep wipes and diaper creams in the shallow hidden drawer, diapers in the larger outer drawer, and bath and hygiene products and first aid in the bottom drawer.

Coincidentally, the bottom of the dresser drawers (IKEA), match the ceiling.
The drawer dedicated to spit-up protection--bibs, and burp cloths.

Let's not kid ourselves. This drawer will not retain this level of organization.

The cutest, tiniest little jean skirt I have ever seen!

Okay...that's's getting silly now isn't it? Blame it on the 36 week hormones.

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  1. You look great, and I am so impressed with the organization! Looks like Frank and I have a long way to go. I can't believe you're already 36 weeks! She will be here before you know it. Can't wait to see your beautiful baby girl ;-)